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My Philosophy

Before you can help others, you must love yourself FIRST! Often times we are so busy running around, taking care of others, we seem to forget about taking time for ourselves. Before we know it, we are burned out and at our wit's end!


I want to be able to provide a stress free environment for you to  recharge with a few moments of peace and tranquility. Come in and unplug with some one-on-one time with me. I believe in self care and educating you on how we can create a balance for you between work, stress and a healthier you. 

Photo Credit: Lindsay Stayton Photography

COVID 19 Update

Heavenly's Hands  Day Spa, LLC is currently open for business. I am taking all precautions necessary to 

ensure the safety of all my guests. For more information, Click on the "COVID 19" tab. 


Because Heavenly’s Hands is by appointment only, please click the “BOOK NOW” button to find out availability

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